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Liberate the untold stories each data hold

NIRMATR is a data company based in the Unite d Kingdom. It helps businesses to utilize the power of data to gain considerable advantage over their competition. Through cutting edge algorithms it helps businesses make the most out of all the massive raw data. This decoded information can be used to improve the overall efficiency of the business or system.

The brief was to create a unique brand identity for the entity named ‘Nirmatra’ meaning creation.


‘Nirmatr’ is a data analytic company that works on a broad spectrum of making sense of raw data. An ambitious data analytic company logo needs to have a larger-than-life brand identity.

‘Unalome’ is an ancient Hindu ideology that was later transplanted into Buddhism. It is now a spiritual identity of Buddhism around the world that represents the journey to enlightenment. There is something special about Unalome it reminds us of the fact that not every path is straight and one has to go through a process of self-discovery before to reaches a state of self-discovery or enlightment. This is the perfect analogy for a data analytic company.


Once we had a strong sense of target audience and the brand requirement it was just a matter of time to scale it up. The entire design, content, marketing teams came together to make this unique logo of Nirmatr possible. The idea is to create something that stands out for the brand and a logo is the first thing that gets your attention.


Logo design for Nirmatr was one more case proving that there are no unimportant details in branding. It was a project full of elaborate sketching, ideation based on spiritual content with different lengths, widths, and placement of the elements to make a catchy, harmonic and stylish logo that will represent the nature of this service.


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